Covering Up


video, 1 min. 35 sec. loop


The videoinstallation ’Covering Up’ reflects the author think about intermedia and the nature of her artistic work. In this project she is working with images from older works (digital painting, prints on canvas). This cycle is called ’Bári Raklóri’ where the artist stylizes herself into a romantic myth of the Roma woman, as we know from different historical posters, postcards and naive paintings. In the video installation ’Constant Metamorphosis’ she is working with selected portraits of the two women whose faces she sutured by hand with a cord. The authentic sound of needle and cord piercing through the canvas is reinforcing the dramatic, disturbing and intimate intervention of the author, which is creating a new image. With this work the artist wants to critically question the old-fashioned role of women and their position in the society.