Performance with carpet

2014 - 2017


Prague (CZ), Banska Bystrica(SK), Krakow(PL), Czarna Gora(PL)



The carpet featuring in the deadlock is an element the author has been working with since 2014. It is her original work. Its design has been inspired by the patterns of the traditional headscarves worn by Romani women in certain areas of Europe in the past and even today. It is a symbol of belonging to the Romani community but simultaneously hints at naturalization of the elements perceived as foreign (the carpets and colour scheme/patterns of Romani clothing) in the societies of Central Europe. The author in her work related to Romani themes always sought to use the traditional visual elements from Romani culture in a way to refer to Roma without caging them in or reducing them to their Roma identity. The carpet as an example of cultural diffusion and the traditional patterns from the Romani scarves as an example of a cultural borrowing refers to the history of mutual cultural influences within societies which has always been intrinsically the human phenomenon. The carpet appeared for example in her latest work from 2016, a performance that took place in the city centre of Prague. The carpet was simultaneously rolled and unrolled at its edges which made it move through the main passenger line in the heart of Prague. The performance reacted to the exclusion of the Roma from public space and was an act of its reclaiming. The author was walking on it inviting the passers-by to participate in the performance.