Bári Raklóri


digital painting


In 2012, the author created and has worked since with her alter ego character called Bári Raklóri. In the family, the author was called Bári which stands for “big”. The other component of the alter ego name is a designation for a non-Romani girl/daughter of non-Romani parents. Raklóri was used in the family when parents wanted to express their satisfaction over the neat outlook of their dressed up and chichi children. At such occasions, they used to say to their children: “You are beautiful as a raklóri/raklóro (non-Romani girl/boy).” In her family, the relation of Roma and non-Roma has always been seen and lived as symbiosis, rather than hostility. The name thus conveys this message and symbolizes it by combining a traditional Romani nickname with a designation for a non-Romani person. Bári Raklóri is thus an epitome of the symbiosis, mutual influence between the Roma and non-Roma and of the synergy which she achieves by drawing on both worlds. The cycle is an act of re-clamation of the Romani body appropriated by non-Roma actors.